domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

Listening Skills

Selective listening is a problem, when we listen only when we have to, what we need to learn is how to listen, even when we don’t want to. Listening means knowing what others have said and what they meant to say, and leaving the speakers comfortable with the feeling that they had their say.

To be a good leader it is very important to develop the ability to listen, when employees say they want their voices to be heard, they are really saying they want leaders who will not just hear them, but really listen to them. Listening goes well beyond being quiet and giving someone your full attention.   It requires you to be aware of body language, facial expressions, mood, and natural behavioral tendencies. 

Empathy is a powerful display of listening.   I realize that many leaders avoid emotional interactions, but the best leaders know how to empathize and make themselves approachable to those who need attention

domingo, 22 de enero de 2017

Exchange Student

Being an exchange student

Going on an Exchange is really a fantastic, fun and good experience! By being an exchange student you will be learning a new language, new culture and also a lot about yourself.

Being an exchange student is not easy. It actually demands a lot from you as a person and you have to be ready and aware about this before applying to a program. As I mentioned before, it's a great experience, you learn another culture, another language, you learn to relate to people who may not have anything in common. The best thing you can do to prepare for your exchange is to find all the information possible in google, articles, etc., all that is very useful since you prepare mentally for what you will live during your stay.

To go away from exchange is not only to go to study, also is to know the place to where you are going and its surroundings. When I visit Seattle, I look for things to do in Seattle, monumental places, places you can not miss, and some articles even recommend bars and entertainment venues.

If you know how to organize and balance the study and the fun ... going on an exchange will be the best experience you have ever had !!

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Sometimes the communication between all the people in the work area is very good, but what happens when one of the colleagues thinks that he is the boss?

My peer is acting like she's my boss. We are at the same level and both carry the same responsibilities, the only difference is that she has more time working there than I. Sometimes she gives me instructions and tell me what to do.

I spoke with my boss and I commented the situation and she suggested to speak it directly with her, in case given that things were not solved then she would intervene.

I had a frank, private conversation with her, I told her that I felt she was trying to supervise me and tell me how to do things when I know perfectly what I should do and how to do it. She recognized her error and apologize for her actions and said she was trying to help me because I was relatively new in the job.

Fortunately things could be solved, since effective communication is very important especially among the workers.