domingo, 22 de enero de 2017

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Sometimes the communication between all the people in the work area is very good, but what happens when one of the colleagues thinks that he is the boss?

My peer is acting like she's my boss. We are at the same level and both carry the same responsibilities, the only difference is that she has more time working there than I. Sometimes she gives me instructions and tell me what to do.

I spoke with my boss and I commented the situation and she suggested to speak it directly with her, in case given that things were not solved then she would intervene.

I had a frank, private conversation with her, I told her that I felt she was trying to supervise me and tell me how to do things when I know perfectly what I should do and how to do it. She recognized her error and apologize for her actions and said she was trying to help me because I was relatively new in the job.

Fortunately things could be solved, since effective communication is very important especially among the workers.

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