domingo, 22 de enero de 2017

Exchange Student

Being an exchange student

Going on an Exchange is really a fantastic, fun and good experience! By being an exchange student you will be learning a new language, new culture and also a lot about yourself.

Being an exchange student is not easy. It actually demands a lot from you as a person and you have to be ready and aware about this before applying to a program. As I mentioned before, it's a great experience, you learn another culture, another language, you learn to relate to people who may not have anything in common. The best thing you can do to prepare for your exchange is to find all the information possible in google, articles, etc., all that is very useful since you prepare mentally for what you will live during your stay.

To go away from exchange is not only to go to study, also is to know the place to where you are going and its surroundings. When I visit Seattle, I look for things to do in Seattle, monumental places, places you can not miss, and some articles even recommend bars and entertainment venues.

If you know how to organize and balance the study and the fun ... going on an exchange will be the best experience you have ever had !!

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