domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Communication Technologies

Advantages and disadvantages

Communication technology will have obvious advantages and disadvantages. In our modern times, we are all resorting to more and more usage of technology when it comes to communication. Advantages of this technology give us faster communication all-around. Like with the possession of cell-phones (that have the ability to surf the web), we can view and respond to emails and text messages from other members in our groups.

That can also be a disadvantage however. With how attached we are to these devices sometimes we need a break. I personally experience screen fatigue. I feel myself being drained after a long day of starring at screens. I use technology every day for absolutely everything, first of all, with the Internet I can take this double degree with CityU and I can upload my tasks and assignments. I use all this kind of technologies to be able to carry out my work and school activities.

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