domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017


Conflicts in groups

At this point in my studies I have been part of many groups, for example in all my classes I have had team works and in most of the cases all the members have had good communication. Most of the time I have had a very good experience since we divide the work equally and always try to ask and answer questions so that we all go to the same pace. 

Only once I experienced a conflict, I usually form part of a team with people I know. Once I was in a team with people from my own city and I personally knew except one who was from another city. We had many problems to get the job forward, since the person from the other city never had his share of the work on time, always put excuses and when he gave his share, everything was always wrong. I had to interfere and talk to him, since I needed his information to be able to do my part of the job.

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